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Guy Harel Feb 24 Platform specific issues

Remarkety connects to PrestaShop using PrestaShop's built-in Web Service. When installing Remarkety using the Remarkety module, we set up the appropriate Web Service user and permissions. However, sometimes there are problems related to PrestaShop's own Web Service.

Check if the Web Service is accessible

In your admin interface, go to:
Advanced Parameters -> Webservice

Verify that:

(1) The Webservice is enabled

(2) Remarkety's key is enabled


Copy the value of the key (3). Now enter this URL in your browser:

http://<your.store.domain>/api   (Your store URL, with "/api" at the end)

You should get asked for a username / password - enter your API key as the username, with no password.

If everything works, you should see an XML in your browser.

If the above web page keeps asking for username/password, there might be a problem with your web server setup that interferes with Prestashop's web service implementation.

Try adding the following line at the very end of your .htaccess file. This file is located at the root folder of your PrestaShop installation:

# ~~end~~ Do not remove this comment, Prestashop will keep automatically the code outside this comment when .htaccess will be generated again
<IfModule mod_setenvif.c>
SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

And then accessing the API URL again.

Bug in PrestaShop's Orders web service

There's a bug in the current version of PrestaShop which might prevent Remarkety (and anyone else) from accessing the orders via the Web Service.

Open the file:


Look for this line (should be around line 2092):

public function getWsCurrentState($state)

and change it to:

public function getWsCurrentState()

PS - We've already  submitted this patch to PrestaShop and it will be fixed in their next version.